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9 common mistakes to avoid when opening a certificate of deposit (CD)

A certificate of deposit (CD) is a popular savings instrument. Here, customers earn interest on a lump sum amount locked in for a fixed period. Unlike a regular savings account, the amount invested must remain untouched throughout the term. Failing to do so may invite penalty fees or result in a los...

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13 foods that help improve dry skin

The skin performs several vital functions, like protecting us against harmful substances and controlling our temperature. However, being the body's outermost layer, it is susceptible to damage by dust particles, UV rays, and other external agents that cause dryness and breakouts. Hydrating the skin ...

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Sugar-free chewing gum – Ingredients, benefits, and downsides

Many people switch to sugar-free gum from the regular variety, thinking it has no harmful health effects. Some do so because of ongoing health complications like diabetes. While it is true that chewing sugar-free gum may have specific benefits and could help one improve their overall well-being, it ...

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Best 2023 vehicles that hold their value over time

Buying a car isn't just about getting the best price possible. It's about choosing a model with long-term value and the ability to retain a substantial resale worth. This post explores a few automotive gems of 2023 that promise both exhilarating performance and a future-proofed financial advantage. ...

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7 ingredients that work as natural stain removers

A spill here and there on your favorite t-shirt, rug, or any other fabric is so common. What is not so uncommon is knowing that there are, in fact, easy and natural DIY hacks to remove stains from items. Using expensive detergents is not always the answer, so for some minor stains and spillage, you ...

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12 common landscape lighting mistakes to avoid

A well-lit landscape instantly enhances visual appeal, making it more conducive and inviting for any event, from elaborate parties to quiet barbeque evenings. Pleasant outdoor lighting can single-handedly elevate the ambiance and set the right mood for occasions held in these spaces. Landscape light...

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