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Beyond Medical Staffing can cover your shifts any time of day or night, every day of the year (mornings, days, nights, weekends, and holidays). Same-day coverage is often available.

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Welcome to One Oak Medical! We offer an unparalleled unique healthcare experience that combines the convenience and affordability of traditional insurance with the personalized attention and access of a concierge service. Our mission is to provide individualized, comprehensive, patient-centered care that empowers our patients to achieve their best possible health. We provide comprehensive family medicine care for both in person and virtual appointments.

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We are a Dental and Medical Insurance Billing Collection, Insurance payment posting, Credentialing, Fee Sch. At LSI Medical Billing & Financial Consultants LLC. specialize in Dental & Medical Insurance Billing Collection, Insurance Collection, Insurance payment posting, Credentialing, Fee Schedule Entry, Insurance Negotiation, Embezzlement Mitigation & Financial Insurance Consulting. Founded on the practice and principles of hard work, and dedication to client relationships, while being founded and directed by an odontologist (DDS), Dr. Liliana Suarez. Dr. Suarez is a General Dentist with a Master in Epidemiology who founded LSI Medical Billing after realizing how large of a needed their was for a competent, well-managed administration to help practitioners run their practices. In addition to Dr. Suarez work in the industry, we also have over 25 years of experience in medical and dental billing, patients collection, and embezzlement detection industries. It's the combination of this experience, as well as our dedication to hard work and relationship building, that gives us our exceptional results. We offer support to healthcare professionals, dealing with an increasing number of financially challenging situations in the current and constantly changing healthcare industry. We create customized solutions to help healthcare professionals overcome their financial and operational challenges. If you'd like to know what we can do for you feel free to give us a call for a free assessment!

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Call us at (888) 907-3068 in Aldie, VA, for medical transportation services.

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