Reasons Why Stackable Washer and Dryers Are a Smart Buy

Getting your laundry done is often a tedious task. If you don’t have a washer and dryer, this means going to the closest laundry room in your building and waiting your turn to get the chore done. Stackable washers and dryers are one of the best solutions to stop all those visits to the nearest laundry room and start an easy routine of doing your laundry at home.

Of the many reasons that people keep wavering on making a decision regarding buying washers and dryers, the main one is not the cost but concerns about the lack of space in the apartment they live in. Stackable washers and dryers are designed just keeping this concern in mind.

Living in a small apartment means being efficient in using available space in your house. The current laundry area might feel too small, or cramped, but with careful research, you can easily narrow down to the right pair of stackable washers and dryers that comfortably fit into the space available. Since they occupy a vertical space, they don’t need much room to fit in.


A good stackable washer and dryer pair will cost anything between $1000 to upwards of $2000. This is a good one-time investment to make. Think of it this way, it will save you all those visits to get your laundry done outside. Moreover, the sum total of all those laundry payments also adds up to a huge amount at the end of the year! It will cut out the tiring chore of carrying a basketful of soiled clothes to the building’s laundry room.

What is a time-consuming and boring task can be finished at home in no time if you invest wisely. The money spent on a good pair of stackable washers and dryers is every bit worth it if you have a hectic professional life and value the time you get to relax in the comfort of your home.

Factors to consider

Some factors to keep in mind while buying stackable washers and dryers is that since the defining feature of these machines is a compact, space-saving size, the dimensions of the washing and dryer drums tend to be smaller than other machines.

For example, the average washer capacity for a stackable pair is 3.2 cu.ft. This may go up, of course, depending on the brand and the model you select, but the rule of thumb is you might not be able to finish big loads of laundry at one time, as is usually the case in other machines.

Also, in most cases, the washer and dryer capacity is different. To simplify things, if the washer capacity is twice the dryer capacity, you might have to run two separate loads in the dryer even though the entire washing can be finished in one cycle.


Most people who go for stackable washers and dryers are prepared to deal with these little obstacles because these are little downsides that are definitely worth ignoring given the huge plus points of access to good laundry functions right at home.

Buying a compatible pair is the easiest option. However, some people also like to look around a bit and buy front-loading washers and dryers separately, then stacking them up. This strategy gives an advantage of choosing the washing and dryer features you want and getting complementary washing and drying capacity. However, the costs can considerably go up because stackable washer and dryer pairs usually sell for less because of the combo deals from the same manufacturers who often offer free delivery and assembly.

If you are buying machines separately, you also have to pay extra for the stacking device and manage the stacking process by yourself. Whatever way you choose to go, investing in stackable washers and dryers will change the way you do your laundry.