Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is the watch a utility, an accessory or a status symbol?

Yes watch is a very good example of a commodity which fits in all three categories. 

Q2. What is a mechanical watch?

A mechanical watch is so named because it contains inside the outer case, a mechanical movement. Such movements were used in clocks for centuries before being adapted for watches.

Q3. Why do some people still wear watches?

When someone asks me what time it is, I can usually answer before people even start reaching for their phones. It takes a lot less effort to rotate your wrist and move your eyes than take a phone out, press a button, get distracted by notifications and lock your phone again. Also, watch batteries last much longer than phone batteries. Some people l

Q4. What is the exact difference between automatic watch and kinetic watch?

An automatic watch winds a spring, while a kinetic watch charges a capacitor or battery.