Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are there different types of extended car warranties?

There are three main extended car warranties namely powertrain, named component and bumper-bumper. A powertrain warranty covers your cars powertrain systems such as transmission, engine, seals, gaskets, axles, transfer case and drive shafts and are typically set for five years or 50,000 miles. The named component covers a pre-decided list of compon

Q2. What do you get with breakdown cover?

Most standard breakdown insurance policies will offer roadside recovery and roadside rescue as an entry-level standard of service. Such cover will provide assistance to motorists who have broken down and are unable to continue their journey.

Q3. How to determine whether an extended car warranty is required?

An extended car warranty comes into the picture when the manufacturer's warranty expires. By answering a single most important question, you can determine if you require an extended car warranty. You need to ask yourself how long you want to keep the car. If you intend to keep it longer than five years without doing a trade-off, an extended car war

Q4. How much is breakdown cover for a year?

Mechanical breakdown insurance usually costs around $100 per year, with an average deductible of around $250. The cost can vary based on the vehicle you own and the insurance company you have your policy with, though.